Bringing healthy lifestyle back in style

We believe that healthy lifestyle should not be only about your working out and selective eating, we have a responsibility towards your health that supersedes everything. With products that are certified with international accreditations, wes stay true to our promise and bring you the best of the best from the lands that once held the title of ‘Golden Bird’.


Established in 2012, KCK Agro is a sister concern of the KCK Group, known for their high-quality products and ethical standards set by generations of businessmen. KCK group has been in the front row of the healthcare industry and has been setting the standards for decades. Since its inception, KCK Agro’s goal was to provide the public with coconut products that are pure, organic and natural to the very core. Our love for our land, heritage, and the world’s best coconuts can be tasted in every one of our products.

Our Vision

We strive towards a future that is lush and green. To be known for the natural and organic products that set us apart from the rest by providing products that exceed the current market standards and provide products that help lead a better and health-conscious living. To implement a unique and ethical business paragon that gives an ode to quality, sanctity, and life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers the best possible products in the most affordable prices, so that you can enjoy the goodness of nature without having to worry about the quality of the food. With a well balanced and well monitored system of manufacturing that is in place, we are already halfway there.

Our Unique Proposition

KCK Group has a diverse line of products and is renowned for its quality and service for several decades. The group is headquartered in Kozhikode, Kerala State, India and has been the market leader in all its segment of products with wide range of offerings in Dental products and Construction materials. Few of its own brands in dental products are well known in India. The Group is ably supported by a professional management team with more than 100 employees.


A product from British Retail Consortium Certified Company.

Our raw material cleaning process is only by using RO ozonized water to ensure Purity & Hygiene standards.



We bring this product from one of the largest factory in India.

Our raw materials are sourced to meet highest quality standards and customer requirements.



Our production process is through Cold process technology (Absolutely no heat applied).

Our products have Natural Medicinal value including cosmetic and nutrition.



All our products use only the finest quality raw materials. We have made sure that we only acquire the crème de la creme for our manufacturing.

There are stringent Standards that we have set ourselves, apart from the ones that are mandatory.

We have passed the international standards for Agro products with flying colors, have made sure that we only work with Certified Farms, and have our own team to deliver ‘Pesticide Managed Crops’. With our Agricultural Development Team continuously monitoring and managing the Farm Produce and its development, we are also in the process of developing organic raw material for niche consumers. By a cleaning process using only RO ozonized water to ensure Purity & Hygiene standards and production process through Cold process technology (Absolute no heat applied), we probably have the best process, making the best products, and backed by the smartest.

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There is a whole lot of difference between cold processing and cold pressing. While Cold pressing uses heat in the initial stages, Cold processing is technique that uses no heat what so ever.

Learn more about how Cold processing helps retain all the nutrients.