A promise that will stand the test of time

Premium quality that stands out from the rest of the products that roam the markets, the purity of our products can be appreciated with the ambrosial and appetizing aroma that trails around.

Our Promise


We have built a factory that is one of the largest of its kind to ensure that we are able to keep up with your demand for great quality natural products.

To meet high quality standards and customer requirements, we work with certified farms and have our own team to deliver pesticide managed crops.



Manufactured through cold process technology to avoid the heat at all costs, helps retain all the nutrients in the oil and is a great way to a healthier future.

To ensure that our end products are pure, we make sure that our raw materials are cleaned using RO ozonized water.



We ensure that we use only the finest quality raw materials, this along with all the rest of the practices provides us with products that are pure, natural and organically cultivated. We have been accredited by British Retail Consortium and have one of the largest factories to help bring the best quality products to your kitchen. The state of the art manufacturing facility situated at Kuttiyadi is complemented by years of research, skilled labours and laboratories.  There are stringent Standards that we have set ourselves, apart from the ones that are mandatory. We have made sure that we only acquire the crème de la creme for our manufacturing.

We have passed the international standards for Agro products with flying colors, have made sure that we only work with Certified Farms, and have our own team to deliver ‘Pesticide Managed Crops’. With our Agricultural Development Team continuously monitoring and managing the Farm Produce and its development, we are also in the process of developing natural raw materials for niche consumers. By a cleaning process using only RO ozonized water to ensure Purity & Hygiene standards and production process through Cold process technology (Absolute no heat applied), we probably have the best process, making the best products, and backed by the smartest.