Processed to keep the
NATURE inside.

The Coconut is a very multi-talented fruit. The tree itself has been an integral part of the lives of many – be it the ever tasting coconut water or the fleshy meat that tastes so good in a chutney to the leaves and wood that helped many homes stay dry and safe. We processed the versatile coconut to bring out diverse products that’ll elevate your culinary and cosmetic skills.


The manufacturing process of cold processed coconut oil starts from the very selection of coconut itself. The fibery husk is then removed and the hard coconut shell is broken to obtain the meat of the coconut, covered in thick brown coconut skin. After the removal of the skin, the meat of the product is washed in RO Ozonized water. The clean, dirt and contaminant free coconut meat is then cut and grated, afterwhich, coconut milk is extracted from it. The oil is then separated from the milk through means of centrifuges.