Coconut Capital of the World

The serene, silent Kuttiyadi harbors and nurtures the coconut trees that yield the renowned Kuttiyadi coconuts. Situated 30 km away from the port city of Kozhikode, under the foothills of Banasura peak, Kuttiyadi is a picturesque village home celebrated for its high yielding coconut trees and the organic methods followed by farmers for generations.

Kuttiyadi Coconuts

The alluring and mystical land serves as the coconut capital of Kerala, thanks to the breed of coconuts that have attained an unparalleled reign over the rest. Land to charming hills, waterfalls that take your breath away, and prolific coconut trees, Kuttiyadi truly is the Coconut capital.

Now home to the hydroelectric power plant that supplies electric power to most parts of the state, Kuttiyadi was once an important military strategic pass during the Chera regime. In the recent past, a pair of golden swords supposed to have been used by the rebel king Pazhashi Raja was unearthed. Kuttiyadi is also home to a crocodile farm and a bird sanctuary that is home to peacocks of Peruvannamuzhi, now considered endangered.